Why Are Houses So Cheap In Decatur IL?

What is Decatur IL known for?

With the establishment of other soybean processing plants, the city became known as the “Soybean Capital of the World.” Shilling Hall, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois.

Lake Decatur is a popular area for fishing and boating.

Spitler Woods State Natural Area is southeast of the city..

What is the safest town in Illinois?

The 50 Safest Cities in Illinois#1. Campton Hills. Population 11,305. Median Income $131,658. … #2. Gilberts. Population 8,254. Median Income $105,087. … #3. Manhattan. +53. Population 7,879. … #4. Justice. NEW. Population 12,822. … #5. Sandwich. +111. Population 7,382. … #6. Huntley. -1. Population 27,637. … #7. Hinsdale. +10. … #8. La Grange Park. +30.More items…•

What is the richest town in Illinois?

WinnetkaWinnetka, Illinois Winnetka is one of only 12 towns and villages nationwide — and the only one in Illinois — where the typical household earns at least $200,000 a year. One of the wealthiest villages in the United States, Winnetka is also the best educated.

What is the soybean capital of the world?

DecaturFor most of the 1900s, Decatur was referred to as “The Soybean Capital of the World” thanks to Staleys, a major grain processor.

What is the most dangerous city in Illinois?

Where Are The Most Dangerous Cities In Illinois?RankCityViolent Crimes Per Capita1Mount Vernon1,4452Centralia1,4723Danville1,7494Beardstown8296 more rows

What’s the most dangerous city in Illinois?

Mount VernonAccording to FBI data, the most dangerous city in the state this year is Mount Vernon, which has a violent crime rate that is more than three times the national average and more than twice the state average.

Where should I live in Illinois?

15 Best Places to Live in IllinoisSpringfield. Source: RRuntsch / shutterstock. … Naperville. Source: Steve Cukrov / shutterstock. … Buffalo Grove. Source: ckdisco / Flickr. … Wheaton. Source: Henryk Sadura / shutterstock. … Glenview. Source: pics721 / shutterstock. … Park Ridge. Source: Teemu008 / Flickr. … Oak Park. Source: Thomas Barrat / shutterstock. … Elmhurst.More items…

Is Midlothian Il Ghetto?

Based on FBI crime data, Midlothian is not one of the safest communities in America. … NeighborhoodScout’s research shows that Midlothian’s violent crime rate is 2 per one thousand inhabitants, which is about average for all communities in America, across all population sizes.

Is Decatur Illinois a safe place to live?

Based on FBI crime data, Decatur is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Illinois, Decatur has a crime rate that is higher than 91% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

How far is Decatur IL from Chicago?

156.90 milesDistance from Decatur, IL to Chicago, IL There are 156.90 miles from Decatur to Chicago in northeast direction and 183 miles (294.51 kilometers) by car, following the I-55 N route. Decatur and Chicago are 3 hours 6 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Does Decatur IL have an airport?

Decatur Airport (IATA: DEC, ICAO: KDEC, FAA LID: DEC) is a public airport five miles east of Decatur, in Macon County, Illinois. The airport is owned by the Decatur Park District. Airline service is subsidized by the federal government’s Essential Air Service program at a cost of $2,667,922 (per year).

Is Rockford Illinois a safe place to live?

Rockford’s 7.7 percent unemployment rate was the highest in the state “and well above the 4.9 percent annual U.S. jobless rate.” The city’s violent crime rate of 1,658 incidents per 100,000 residents was “more than four times” the U.S. rate.

What is the oldest town in Illinois?

KaskaskiaKaskaskia, the oldest town in the state and the first capitol of Illinois | Library of Congress.

Is Decatur safe?

And the city’s owner-strong housing market and population diversity didn’t hurt its score—A+ overall—either. One area Decatur faltered in was crime and safety, which Niche scored a not-too-scary C+, even though the city’s crime rate is below the national average.

Is Decatur Illinois a good place to live?

If you’re looking for a community of friendly people, beautiful parks, multiple churches, and good schools, this is your place. Decatur is one of the most affordable housing markets in the nation.

Why does Decatur Illinois stink?

Decatur is lucky to have what you call funky smells. Those smells are the smell of money being made from the crops grown on central Illinois farms and processed in Decatur’s many agribusiness industries. They have put central Illinois on the map and made Decatur the agribusiness capital of the world.

What is the crime rate in Decatur Illinois?

The Decatur IL crime rate for 2018 was 499.83 per 100,000 population, a 18.59% decline from 2017. The Decatur IL crime rate for 2017 was 613.97 per 100,000 population, a 13.86% increase from 2016. The Decatur IL crime rate for 2016 was 539.25 per 100,000 population, a 4.58% increase from 2015.

Is Champaign Illinois a good place to live?

Champaign is an excellent area to live, with much growth potential, and opportunities for all. As with any city, there are areas for improvement, but overall the community takes pride in themselves and it’s a pleasant area to live.