What Is The Verb Of Expensive?

What is the adjective for old?


/oʊld/ (older, oldest) age..

Is Deadly an adverb?

deadly (adverb) deadly nightshade (noun)

Is friendly an adverb?

Some adjectives, such as friendly, lovely, timely, and masterly, already end in -ly and have no distinct adverb form. Use the adjective within an adverbial phrase: “It was done in a ____ way.” She is a friendly person. She spoke to me in a friendly way.

Is expensiveness a word?

The state of being expensive; entailing great expense.

What is the parts of speech of expensive?

costlypart of speech:adjectiveinflections:costlier, costliestdefinition 1:of high cost, value, or expense. costly perfume synonyms: dear, expensive, precious, valuable antonyms: cheap similar words: exorbitant, lavish, priceless, steep4 more rows

What is the verb for sufficient?

suffice. (intransitive) To be enough or sufficient; to meet the need (of anything); to be equal to the end proposed; to be adequate; to be good enough. (transitive) To satisfy; to content; to be equal to the wants or demands of.

What type of verb is cost?

Conjugation of ‘Cost’Base Form (Infinitive):CostPast Simple:CostPast Participle:Cost3rd Person Singular:CostsPresent Participle/Gerund:Costing

Is Costly an adverb?

The problem with costly may be that it looks like an adverb as it ends in -ly. This is confusing as most adverbs end in -ly, but costly is an exception and is an adjective.

What is the adverb of expensive?

adverb. /ɪkˈspensɪvli/ /ɪkˈspensɪvli/ ​in a way that costs a lot of money.

What is the adjective of expensive?

The suffix -ive makes expensive an adjective. Most often, things are described as expensive when they always have a high price, like mansions and designer dresses, or a high cost, like weddings. … Sometimes, expensive means that the price or cost of something seems high compared to similar items.

What is the new word of sufficient?

What is another word for sufficient?adequateenoughcommensurablecommensurateabundantacceptableplentyproportionaterequisitesatisfactory230 more rows

What kind of word is sufficient?

adjective. adequate for the purpose; enough: sufficient proof; sufficient protection.

What is the noun of expensive?

expender , expenders , expense , expenses , expensiveness are some noun forms of expensive .

Is too an adverb?

“Very” and “too” are both adverbs. They come before an adjective. The basic difference is that “very” emphasizes the word that follows it. “Too” before a word means there is more than what is wanted.

What is the verb definition?

Verbs are words that show an action (sing), occurrence (develop), or state of being (exist). Almost every sentence requires a verb. The basic form of a verb is known as its infinitive. … Almost all verbs have two other important forms called participles.

Is cost a noun or verb?

cost (noun) cost (verb) cost–benefit (adjective)

What is a good adjective?

Adjective. good (PLEASANT) good (HIGH QUALITY) good (SUCCESSFUL)

Is Costly a verb or adjective?

adjective, cost·li·er, cost·li·est. costing much; expensive; high in price: a costly emerald bracelet; costly medical care. resulting in great expense: The upkeep of such a large house is costly.

What kind of word is fatal?

adjective. causing or capable of causing death; mortal; deadly: a fatal accident; a fatal dose of poison. causing destruction, misfortune, ruin, or failure: The withdrawal of funds was fatal to the project. decisively important; fateful: The fatal day finally arrived.

What word is similar to sufficient?

Synonyms & Antonyms of sufficientacceptable,adequate,all right,alright,decent,OK.(or okay),reasonable,More items…

What is the adjective of difficult?

adjective. /ˈdɪfɪˌkʌlt/ , /ˈdɪfɪkəlt/ 1difficult (for somebody) (to do something) not easy; needing effort or skill to do or to understand a difficult problem/task/exam It’s difficult for them to get here much before seven.