What Is A Hairline Crack In A Tooth?

Can you see a cracked tooth?

Unfortunately, identifying a cracked tooth on your own may be difficult.

Oftentimes, there is a vertical hairline fracture that may be nearly invisible to the human eye.

Sometimes, these tiny cracks cannot even be seen on X-Rays..

What happens if you don’t treat a cracked tooth?

You might be tempted to just ignore your cracked tooth, but you definitely should not. An untreated cracked tooth can lead to tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and ultimately tooth loss.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked tooth?

How much does it cost to fix a chipped or broken tooth? It can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars for a cosmetic procedure to $2,500–$3,000 for a root canal and crown, depending on where you live. If you end up having a tooth extracted and replaced with an implant, the cost may range from $3,000–$5,000.

Can tooth cracks heal?

While a crack can be repaired, a cracked tooth will never be 100 percent healed, unlike a broken bone might be. But prompt treatment offers the best chance of saving your tooth and preventing infection and further damage. And while your mouth may be sore after the treatment, the pain should subside in a few days.

Are small cracks in teeth normal?

Those small cracks are called craze lines and they’re actually a totally normal part of aging. Over a lifetime, your teeth endure a lot of stress from chewing and other activities such as biting your nails or grinding your teeth. The stress causes the surface of the enamel to crack.

Can a hairline crack in a tooth heal itself?

It depends. It is possible for a tooth to repair itself if the damage is minimal. For example, if a tooth with a crack on the outer level and a minimal fracture line that does not cause pain may repair itself over time. The healing process is known as remineralization and refers to the minerals in our mouths.

What is a hairline crack in teeth?

Craze lines are superficial, vertical lines that appear in tooth enamel, usually as people age. They’re also referred to as hairline cracks or superficial cracks. Craze lines may be translucent. They may also appear gray, yellow, or brown.

How do you fix a hairline crack in your teeth?

Your dentist may recommend teeth whitening to help make the craze lines less noticeable. Your dentist may also apply a tooth colored filling to hide the lines. Porcelain veneers are an excellent way to repair craze lines and restore your smile. The underlying cause must be addressed to prevent further craze lines.

Can a vertically cracked tooth be fixed?

Vertical root fractures are often discovered when the surrounding bone and gum become infected. Treatment may involve extraction of the tooth. However, endodontic surgery is sometimes appropriate if a tooth can be saved by removal of the fractured portion.

Can craze lines turn into cracks?

Although craze lines are cracks in the teeth, they are minimal. When craze lines deepen, they become cracks. If you have a cracked tooth, everything from the tooth’s enamel (the outer layer) to the roots are affected.