Question: What Is The Best Faction In AFK Arena?

What are the best characters in AFK arena?

AFK Arena Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Units (Tier List)Best Overall Hero – Brutus.

Best Supports – Nemora & Tasi.

Best Mages – Shemira & Belinda.

Best Tanks – Lucius & Seirus.

Best Damage Dealer – Athalia & Lyca.

Supports – Ferael, Arden, Raine.

Mages – Mirael & Isabelle.

Tanks – Hogan, Grezhul, Thoran.More items…•.

Is Nemora a good AFK arena?

Just like Shemira, Nemora can be picked up in the labyrinth for 45000 coins. She is the best healer in game, but offers great tanking and has a CC ability that allows her to take control of an enemy character for some while.

Is Grezhul AFK arena good?

Grezhul is a tank hero for the graveborn faction. His ultimate ability can stun enemies that are near the gravestone it creates. The stun has a fairly large area of effect and so can reliably stun 3+ enemies. … He can also provide a small shield to allies, mitigating up to 200% damage and damaging enemies if it’s broken.

What is the max level in AFK arena?

There are 3 different tiers of heroes in AFK arena as seen in the heroes portrait section in game: common, legendary and ascended. Each tier has a maximum level cap. Common tier heroes can be leveled up to level 100. Legendary tier heroes can be leveled up to level 160.

Does AFK arena need WiFi?

Their most recent game offers awesome automated gameplay, with a system in place that keeps playing for you even while offline.

Is AFK Arena pay to win?

That depends. If you’re aiming go the top and aim to be the best, then very p2w. But if you just wanna play casually then I can assure you, you don’t need to purchase anything to progress.

What is the point of AFK arena?

AFK Arena is a best in class turn-based-RPG, which builds upon the standard best practices of the genre while innovating lightly in the core gameplay and core loop. Similar to Heroes Charge, Puzzles and Dragons, Empires and Puzzles, Idle Heroes, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Legendary, and Marvel Strike Force.

Who is the strongest character in AFK arena?

BrutusBrutus, Saveas and Tasi emerge as the strongest Heroes for mid-game in AFK Arena. Nemora, Lucius, Ira, and Mirael remain strong, while Lyca and Arden rise to prominence in mid-game. Also, hold on to Shemira!

What should I spend my diamonds on AFK arena?

The most effective ways to spend your Diamonds in AFK Arena are:Buying 10x Common Hero Scrolls = 2,700 Diamonds.Buying Elite Hero Soulstones in Normal Store.Buying Mythic Gears.

Is AFK arena any good?

Overall I’ve really enjoyed my time with AFK Arena. It’s best feature is that you can grind, raid and battle all while getting stuff done! It’s a great game to fill those awkward 30 minutes between cases and also when you have more time to delve even deeper into it.

What is the best team in AFK arena?

Best Campaign Team (PvE) In AFK ArenaStrongest Team (Whale P2W) Without any doubts, this is the strongest team to use in the campaign map with Talene as the main carry. … Follow Up PvE Team. … Lightbearer Tower. … Mauler Tower. … Wilders Tower. … Graveborn Tower. … Standard Wrizz Team. … Standard Soren Team.More items…

Is stargazing worth it AFK arena?

Using Stargazing Cards If you seriously want to put money in AFK Arena, putting your luck in Stargazing is definitely worth a try. You will eventually get the Heroes you want, Mythic gears and even 30,000 Diamonds batch.

How do you get Mehira AFK?

Signature Item When any non-summoned allies lose health, 10% of the health lost will be given to Mehira. [+10 Unlocks] When other teammates lose health, 15% of the health lost will be given to Mehira.