Question: What Are Max Levels For Th11?

What Super troops can you get at th11?

Super Troops AvailableIce Hound.Inferno Dragon.Sneaky Goblin.Super Archer.Super Barbarian.Super Giant.Super Minion.Super Valkyrie.More items….

Can you destroy a town hall with spells?

No, the percent is based on remaining health. Each spell does less damage.

Should I max th11 before going to th12?

Unless you are rushing an account for siege machines, you should stay in TH11 for some time before going to TH12. At the very least, staying in TH11 for 2-3 months to max warden is a good idea.

Are baby dragons better than dragons?

Baby dragons are best when they are used as alone. … Where a 1 level dragon give just 140 damage per second a baby dragon can give you 150 damage per second when it is alone. Moreover baby dragons are faster than ordinary dragon. They have a movement speed of 20, where a dragon has a movement speed of 16.

Which Super troop is the best?

The best Super Troops in Clash of ClansSuper Barbarian.Super Archer.Sneaky Goblin.Super Giant.Super Wall Breaker.Inferno Dragon.Super Minion.Super Valkyrie.More items…•

Can you use Super troops in war?

It’s a legal army, regardless of how many people in the same war use it.

What is the max level of baby dragon in th11?

I’m not sure what you mean by “a 1 hitpoint pawn” or baby dragons needing to be “at least level 8.” The maximum level for the game is only 6 and for a TH11, the max level is 5. Baby Dragons have 1,600 hit points at level 5.

What level should heroes be before th11?

Should I max my heroes to 40 as my walls before upgrading to TH11? Yhh, you should try to max them but IF you get bored, just upgrade your th, there’s no point quitting the game just because of boredom so your choice.

What do you call a baby dragon?

Young dragons are called whelps, and are born in nests called roosts. When they reach adolescence, they are called fledglings.

What are the maximum levels for Town Hall 11?

Eleventh level of the Town Hall allows you to build 6 additional Buildings (Total is 119, including the Town Hall itself, Traps and 5 Builder’s Huts). The number of available sections of the Walls is remains the same – 275.

What is max level eagle artillery th11?

Eagle Artillery Information – Eagle Artillery have a Range of 7 – 50 Tiles. – Eagle Artillery attack Single Target but have Area Splash. – Eagle Artillery Maximum Level is 4! – Maximum Eagle Artillery available is 1.

What is Max heroes for th11?

Heroes: Barbarian King maximum level increased from 60 to 65. Archer Queen maximum level increased from 60 to 65. Grand Warden maximum level increased from 30 to 40.

Should I upgrade Eagle artillery?

If you have already dropped the EA then go ahead and max it. However, if you war, it is best to wait and purchase new th11 defenses after you have upgraded your lab/spell factory and gotten your war army up to max. The EA adds a lot of weight to your base.

Does Eagle artillery increase War weight?

It will increase your defensive war weight. Whether its worth the weight defepends on many clan specific factors. Even in isolation it depends on level of your base developement in terms of offence and defence and your skill level.

Is Super troops permanent in COC?

You can donate Super Troops as reinforcements to Clanmates. Once the Super buff has expired, the unused Super Troops will remain in your Barracks until they are used or donated. After the 7 days have passed, you will not be able to use the same Super Troop again for another 7 days.

How long does it take to max th11 2020?

The total number of builder-days to complete TH11 is 1059.59 including heroes, which works out to about 7 months of 5 builders going nonstop (and about 6 months excluding heroes). Use gems on the lab. Upgrade immediately, gem finish, start a de troop. I’m 7 days in right now.

What troops should I upgrade first th11?

Wizards was the first one that I did when I became a TH11. Very powerful. I use baby dragons in every attack, they were the first in, followed by healers currently. Next up is wiz then valks and bowlers.

Are baby dragons good COC?

The baby dragon is generally best if by themselves in the air, but while they have much more damage when enraged, being grouped together does not make them necessarily weak. They have a little of half the health of a regular dragon, about half the damage per second when not enraged, and take up half the housing cost.